It’s a hilly region, furrowed by a thick network of ramified valleys, each of them displaying ranges of wide terraces, generously exposed to the sunlight.

The soil is rocky. The limestone beneath is covered by clay deposits. The climate of the region is hot and dry, also open to air drafts in a most optimum way.

Adamclisi has been marked off as a wine-growing area, destined to produce AOC wines (appellation d’origine contrôlée wines). Patrician is one of them.

The AOC label is a guarantee of the wine’s good quality and a proof of:

  • Using the attested soil;
  • Compliance to the specific rules regarding the vineyard’s growing, the vine’s restrictive fruit load and the utmost grape yield allowed per hectare;
  • The fact that the wine processing, ageing, conditioning and bottling has been made within the controlled area;
  • Compliance to the specific rules and techniques regarding the wine processing, ageing and delivery;
  • Compliance to the specific parameters of the attested wine’s requested composition.