(Petronius, „Satyricon”, 34)

Patrician is the symbol of nobility, refinement and subtlety. It is a classic among moderns, being produced according to tradition, by means of most recent facilities of inestimable help, too. Although emerged into the world in 2009, it already proves itself to be both measured and mature, without becoming predictable or tedious whatsoever. Displaying a sober and pragmatic eloquence -a talent worthy of an inborn orator- it mesmerizes through its own impetuosity, a virtue which lacks neither strength nor delicacy. Of an exquisite good taste, it claims itself to be of noble Falernian rank, descending directly from that most appreciated antique wine ancestor, never forgotten by the late Roman aristocracy. It will age calmly and serenely, promising to reach Epicur’s thoughtfulness and to increase in wisdom as getting on into the years. It’s bold and ambitious, unaware of compromise: it is pure, unspoiled and thoroughly ecological. It  requires the respect and consideration deserved by the Quality itself.


selected wine estate by vinjournalen.se

We are one of a few selected Romainian wine producers at Vinjournalen.se, an online wine magazine.

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