Far from the city and away from the crowd, the countryside of Adamclisi managed to remain untouched by pollution and unaffected by the destructive force of the urban civilization. Every spring, the locust forests nearby get overgrown with snowdrops, violas, crocus, wild roses and wild peonies. Pheasants, robins, rabbits, foxes, wild boars and roe deer: they all have found a blissful land here.

It’s a favorable region not only for vine growing, but also for bee keeping, sheep and goat breeding and, newly, for wind farming.
The very proof of the ecological purity of the region is made by its encompassing within the protected area called “Nature 2000”, a European ecologic network destined to preserve the natural habitats and the genuine conditions of life.

As a consequence, any harmful activity intentioned to be initiated in the region has been prevented and, furthermore, fully discouraged.

The vineyard benefits to the full from the purity of the environment and its atmosphere.
Meeting halfway the worthwhile preservation efforts, but also aiming to offer a healthy product to its consumers, the Patrician wine has thereby been conceived not only as a noble wine of good quality, but also as an ecologic one, legally certified as such, by the Bio certificate granted by Austria Bio Guarantie.