The wine cellar lies at the entrance of Adamclisi village, close to the Tropaeum Traiani Monument, in Constan?a County.

Prominent, it dominates the vineyard from within its midst, where it has been placed.

It is a new, modern building which shelters:

  • the production warehouse;
  • the wine ageing area;
  • the laboratory;
  • the wine’s tasting area.

The wine cellar has been conceived so as to be capable to process the whole quantity of grapes, harvested from the entire vineyard, of 130 hectares width.

The wine procession technique is based on the gravity principle. The fermentation of the grape must is carefully surveyed, being kept under low, controlled temperature. For wine ageing purposes, 1200 strong and medium burnt barriques are available. The barriques are kept down into the cellar, thus having the temperature and the humidity safely controlled.